Lorne Michaels From "Saturday Night Live" Says He's Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Help Pete Davidson

Lorne Michaels From "Saturday Night Live" Says He's Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Help Pete Davidson
Credit: Source: PageSix.com

This past weekend, Pete Davidson shocked his fans and followers when he posted suicidal insinuations on his Instagram. Thus far, there's been an outpouring of support for Mr. Davidson including from his Saturday Night Live boss, Lorne Michaels.

Reported by Yahoo.com, a source who spoke with Entertainment Tonight claims he was more than willing to help Mr. Davidson in any way that he could.

To give the ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande a break, Lorne confirmed Pete wouldn't have to work on his sketches for this upcoming weekend. In the new year, Pete will come back to the air.

As it was previously reported, Davidson wrote on his Instagram over the weekend that he "didn't really want to be on this earth anymore," and was "doing his best to stay here."

"Just remember I told you so," the star wrote on his account, likely referring to his post earlier this month where he explained the recent outpouring of abuse he endured due to his breakup with Ariana Grande, who has a plethora of young fans. Previously, Pete admitted he had endured nothing but online abuse for the last nine months.

The Saturday Night Live alum insinuated in his message that people had been telling him to kill himself repeatedly. He said on the 'Gram that he would never commit suicide, no matter how many times they told him to.

Last weekend, Pete was noticeably absent on the NBC-created series, leading to many of his fans to wonder what had happened. However, he later appeared shortly after Miley Cyrus' performance.

When Pete was on the Marc Maron WTF Podcast , the comic admitted he had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder following a mental breakdown in September.

The star added that he had "blind rage." In other words, he would have mental breakdowns to the point of not being able to remember what had just happened -  a blackout. After seeking out mental help, psychiatrists diagnosed Pete with BPD, a disorder describing an individual with unstable emotional patterns resulting in threatened social relationships.


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