Meghan Markle Reveals Prince Harry Is A ‘Feminist’ And Raves About The ‘Beautiful Example’ He Is For Their Son!

Meghan Markle Reveals Prince Harry Is A ‘Feminist’ And Raves About The ‘Beautiful Example’ He Is For Their Son!
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Meghan Markle is happy and proud to be married to someone like Prince Harry who identifies as a feminist. During the former Duchess’ discussion with Gloria Steinem, Meghan Markle opened up about that and how Harry will, therefore, be a ‘beautiful example’ of how to be a man to their son while growing up.

During the sit-down Makers interview, Meghan approached many different topics, including voting, the election in November, feminism, and, of course, her husband, Prince Harry!

That is when Meghan revealed that Prince Harry considers himself a feminist and Meghan considers herself lucky!

After all, they share a son together so she’s glad he can grow up with such a great role model.

And for anyone who might be confused about what feminism really is, Meghan stressed that ‘you can be a feminist and be masculine and a guy.’

According to Markle, Harry had just come into the room earlier just to tell her that he is a feminist.

She went on to rave that: ‘I look at our son, and what a beautiful example he gets to grow up with a father who's so comfortable owning that as part of his self-identification. That there is no shame in being someone who advocates for fundamental human rights for everybody, which of course includes women.’

Gloria then described Harry as a ‘nurturing father. Because then your son will grow up knowing it is okay to be loving and nurturing,’

‘Well said,’ Meghan agreed, going on to say that ‘I know it’ll mean a lot to him when I share that.’


In the meantime, Meghan and Harry have moved to California after leaving their royal lives and titles behind in favor of a more normal life so that should contribute to Archie growing up into a great person as well!

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