Meghan Markle Is 'Sick Of Being Pushed Around' By Queen Elizabeth And Royal Protocol

Meghan Markle Is 'Sick Of Being Pushed Around' By Queen Elizabeth And Royal Protocol
Credit: Source: Reader's Digest

Meghan Markle is done conforming to the rules. The former actress is reportedly sick and tired of following royal protocol and is determined to rebel against Queen Elizabeth – even if it means openly breaking every rule in the book.

Inside sources claim that the Duchess of Sussex was happy when she first started dating Prince Harry because everyone in the royal family supported her fresh take on things. But now that she is officially part of the family, none of the royals are interested in her ideas. With everyone turning against her, sources say the former Suits star is about to go her own way.

“She’s decided to wear what she wants, say what she wants and put on PDA with her husband whenever she wants,” an insider dished.

The source told Radar Online that Her Majesty does not approve of Markle’s newfound courage and is unhappy with her plans to go against the protocols. The insider believes that Elizabeth will not go down without a fight and will confront Markle about her behavior sooner rather than later.

While we wait for what could be a confrontation for the ages, Markle is also facing rumors that Prince William was unsure about her relationship with Harry prior to the wedding. Royal expert Katie Nicholl claims that William thought the couple moved far too quickly with the engagement, and he even tried to warn Harry about getting ahead of himself.

Although William only meant well giving Harry advice, his brother allegedly got angry and felt like he was not being supportive of their relationship. Nicholl believes that Harry and William never fully repaired their friendship after the argument, which has contributed to the recent feud rumors.

Other sources claim that Harry has changed since marrying Markle and has become extremely defensive of his new bride. This has reportedly led to a gap in Harry’s relationship with William as the brothers continue to distance themselves from each other.

The royal family has not issued any statements regarding the rumors surrounding Meghan Markle.


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