Meghan King Edmonds Challenges Her Prenuptial Agreement With Jim Edmonds Amid Nasty Divorce

Meghan King Edmonds Challenges Her Prenuptial Agreement With Jim Edmonds Amid Nasty Divorce
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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmond s and her estranged husband, Jim Edmonds, can’t seem to come to an agreement on their divorce. The former couple is fighting once again over the details, and it appears that Meghan is contesting the prenuptial agreement she signed before the couple married in October 2014.

According to People magazine, Meghan is contesting the prenup, but Jim says that it is valid and she agreed to the terms.

"Jim’s prenuptial agreement is valid, enforceable and generous, and we fully expect it to be upheld. Meghan and her attorney reviewed the agreement several weeks before the wedding and agreed to the terms," a rep for Edmonds told the outlet in a statement.

The rep noted that Meghan has publicly explained that she insisted on the prenup because she didn’t want Jim’s family to think she was “trying to take his money.” The former MLB player’s rep added that Jim has voluntarily paid Meghan more than three times the amount of child support that the court guidelines required.

"He is letting her live in one of his homes in St. Louis and is paying the mortgage and all the bills for that house," the statement said. "He gives her money for a nanny and housekeeper. He pays for almost every single expense related to the children. And he pays half the rent on her Los Angeles beach house."

The rep continued, saying Jim has been “beyond generous to Meghan” and he has provided full financial support for the three children he shares with her: Aspen, 3, Hart, 2, and Hayes, 2.

During the Season 10 RHOC reunion, Meghan talked about her prenup with Edmonds, and she revealed she encouraged him to get one “way before” they got engaged. She explained that she suggested the agreement to protect his feelings about their marriage, and about where her heart was coming from.

She added that she was trying to protect the children (Jim’s kids from previous relationships) because she never wanted them to think that she was going to take anything from them.

Earlier this year, Meghan claimed that Jim’s child support payments were barely paying for groceries. Jim’s rep immediately clapped back and said that if what Jim is paying Meghan each month for child support doesn’t cover groceries, she must be getting her eggs from Fabergé.

Since their split in October, Meghan King Edmonds has moved on with her new boyfriend, Uncharted Supply Company CEO Christian Schauf. And, Jim Edmonds is currently dating real estate agent Kourtnie O’Connor, a woman that Meghan says she and Jim used to have threesomes with.


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