Married To Medicine Stars Lisa Nicole And Dr. Heavenly Shade Each Other In Interviews

Married To Medicine Stars Lisa Nicole And Dr. Heavenly Shade Each Other In Interviews
Credit: Source: People

Lisa Nicole Cloud is back on Married to Medicine . She and Dr. Heavenly Kimes have been clashing both off and on camera.

The two have been shading each other in interviews for the new season of the show. All of the doctors and doctor wives will be seen doing what they can to help with the Coronavirus pandemic.

When speaking to All About the Tea, Cloud explained that she owns a diagnostic lab that she dedicated processing COVID tests at. She hints that her co-star may have only started helping with testing while the cameras were rolling.

'And right around the time that the Cameras started rolling is all of a sudden when you see Heavenly and Dr. Damon doing Covid testing. I’m not saying they didn’t want to make a difference. I’m just saying I don’t know if it was for the camera or they really wanted to be of service to the community. So that’s the argument that we had or discussions that maybe people are referring to .. cause umm I don’t think they’re still doing it. I think once the cameras wrapped that was a wrap of the fleet of mobile RVs that were testing.'

Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming feud with Lisa.

'I think Lisa Nicole is hungry and she's thirsty. She came at me attacking me from the very beginning and I haven’t seen this b**ch in years, honestly. I don't know what her problem is with me. But, you know what? A part of me feels sorry for Lisa Nicole, 'cause every time she comes back she gets the bad end of the stick. She comes for me and I stay ready.'

She also tells ET Online that although she feuded with Kari Wells too, she was touched by Kari's dedication to the Black Lives matter movement.

'I like her. She’s funny, she’s fun -- I don't know if she will say the same thing about me -- but what really touched my heart with Kari was during the Black Lives Matter movement. She went over and beyond, and I don’t care what nobody says: A white woman is needed in our movement. It helps our movement.'

Married to medicine comes on Sundays at 9 pm. on Bravo.


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