Mariah Huq Is Suing Bravo, Purveyors Of Pop For Discrimination -- Supports Nene Leakes

Mariah Huq Is Suing Bravo, Purveyors Of Pop For Discrimination -- Supports Nene Leakes
Credit: Source: Bravo

Mariah Huq and Quad Webb are the first names that come to mind when you think of Married to Medicine . The new season definitely won't be the same without her.

Huq completed interviews where she revealed that she was considering filing a lawsuit against the network for discrimination

Months ago, she revealed that she wasn't even able to wear her hijab in confessionals or even during filming on the series.

She is suing for, among other things: 'Breach of Contract. Breach of Joint Venture Agreement. Breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Failure to prevent retaliation and harassment. Unauthorized exploitation of ' Married To Medicine ' & Married To Medicine the Series.'

It has been long rumored that Mariah did bring the show to Bravo but sources claim that she was asked if she wanted to retain executive producer credit or be a full-time cast member. She allegedly chose to be a cast member which is why she may not be owed what she believes she is owed.

Regardless, it is something to consider when you look at a housewife like Lisa Vanderpump who not only has producer credits for the shows she was involved in creating but she was also full-time for many years.

She opened up about her plans to sue the production company Purveyors of Pop: 'It’s not necessarily Bravo that I’m going against. It’s the production company. But it’s Bravo that has the control and the power to change things and have the obligation and responsibility to step in and say this is wrong and we will not be complicit in you discriminating against this young lady whether it’s because of her title, her gender, her religion, or whatever it is.'

She has also shown support to former networkmate Nene Leakes who has been urging fans to sign a petition and boycott Bravo. Nene has hired attorney Ben Crump for representation who participated in an Instagram Live with her.


This comes after Mariah revealed that she was not asked to come back to Married to Medicine.


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