Mark Ruffalo Consumed Only 1,000 Calories Per Day To Lose Weight For New TV Series

Mark Ruffalo Consumed Only 1,000 Calories Per Day To Lose Weight For New TV Series
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The actor is playing identical twins in HBO’s ‘I Know This Much Is True’ and it sounds like he’s had to take some extreme measures for the double role. Apparently, Mark Ruffalo went on a really strict diet that had him eating no more than 1000 calories worth of food every day!

And that’s not all! He even challenged himself to do about 500 pushups daily, not to help with the weight loss but with something partaining to the character's profile!

This was needed in order to portray each twin characters on the HBO series since, while they are identical, their weights differ quite a bit.

So, to make them unique and believably different people, Mark went on an extreme weight loss journey.

The brother that he needed to change his whole lifestyle to portray is named Dominick Birdsey.

Apparently, he has managed to lose 20 pounds!

As you might be aware, the new series is the small screen adaptation of Wally Lamb’s novel with the same title.

Dominick takes care of his schizophrenic twin brother, Thomas, in the storyline but he is also described as the ‘neurotypical brother’ so they had to show that in a visual way.

During an interview for The Wrap, writer and director Derek Cianfrance said that ‘I guess you could say that he was always a bit hangry. He was eating one egg white for breakfast and starving. And he could not eat for another three hours, and all that he could eat was a granola bar that had like 120 calories or something, because he was on a strict diet.’

He went on to say that the diet ‘created this guy Dominick who was just wiry and aggressive.’

According to him, the actor might have actually also done 500 pushups every day just so that the character could seem like a smoker always out of breath.

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