Man Involved In Dina Manzo And David Cantin Home Invasion Denied Bail

Man Involved In Dina Manzo And David Cantin Home Invasion Denied Bail
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According to a report from, the man charged in invading Dina Manzo's home was denied bail by a judge in New Jersey. The judge said on Tuesday that the 51-year-old has a long list of criminal offenses including burglaries and armed robbery, providing sufficient grounds for him to deny bail.

The prosecutors said that two men were waiting in Dina Manzo and David Cantin's home back in May 2017. The criminals beat Cantin with a baseball bat and kicked the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star repeatedly, before going on to tie both of them up and running off with her engagement ring as well as a lump sum of cash.

The prosecutor claimed that DNA on one of the zip ties matched the DNA of Mainello, the perpetrator in question. The man's lawyer said Mainello denied all of the allegations, however, the DNA essentially solidified the prosecution's case against him.

Following the violent home invasion, Dina Manzo and her fiancé got married and have been happy ever since. Sources say Dina and her man actually learned to appreciate each other even more because of the harrowing incident.

According to the report from NBC back in May of 2017, the reality star and her then-millionaire fiancé were the victims of a horrific assault that left both of them badly injured. Sources who spoke with NBC 4 New York, said both parties were sent to the hospital.

Dina, 46, and David Cantin, 37, walked into their home on Saturday during the second week of May to find two masked men inside. At the time, officials withheld both of their identities for their protection, but sources close to the outlet claimed it was Dina and David.

Thankfully, neither Dina nor David was permanently injured. Andrew B. Brettler, the attorney on the case, said they were both quite shaken up from the incident, but they ultimately recovered. It wasn't the first time there has been a home invasion in that area either. An incident happened with the home's previous owners as well.

Celebrity homes are frequently targeted by home invaders because many of them showcase their location on social media, a fact Kim Kardashian came to realize three years ago in 2016.

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