Tristan Thompson Not Happy About Tyga Liking Jordan Craig’s Pics - Here's Why!

Tristan Thompson Not Happy About Tyga Liking Jordan Craig’s Pics - Here's Why!
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When Jordan Craig posted some hot bathing suit pics, Tyga couldn’t help but leave her a like. As it turns out, her ex and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson noticed that and he is not happy about it at all!

This is what a new insider report claims!

His attraction to Jordan would only make the Kardashian-Jenner relationships more tangled since, Tyga is not only Kylie Jenner’s ex but he is also Blac Chyna’s baby daddy!

Chyna has a child of her own with Kylie’s only brother, Rob Kardashian.

Oh, and of course, Tristan Thompson, Jordan’s ex, is also Kylie’s sister Khloe’s ex and baby daddy! So complicated!

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Tristan is furious after he was told by a friend that Tyga was creeping on Jordan’s social media. Tristan considers Jordan family, and he does not want Tyga to date her, slide into her DMs,to use her, or to break her heart.’

Tristan and Jordan’s romance may have come to an ugly end but he is still the father of her son, Prince, 2, so there is no doubt that they will always be in each other’s lives as co-parents.

The same thing can be said about him and Khloe since they share daughter True together.

The insider went on to say that ‘Tristan is protective of Jordan, just like he is with Khloe, even though he knows he has made big mistakes with both of exes. He knows enough about Tyga to feel like he needs to back off.’

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Jordan or Khloe really care about his protective ways.

After all, Tristan was involved in two cheating scandals while with Khloe and also, he dumped Jordan while she was pregnant to date the Kardashian!

And now that he is not dating either of them, rumor has it that he’s not the best father.

Allegedly, his mother Andrea has been pushing the basketball player to spend more time with his children!


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