Mama June's Daughter Speaks Out After Arrest: "Our Family Is Going Through A Rough Patch"

Mama June's Daughter Speaks Out After Arrest: "Our Family Is Going Through A Rough Patch"
Credit: Source: WE TV

Mama June's fans were in complete shock when it was reported that she and boyfriend Geno Doak had been arrested for drug possession. After dodging the subject on Twitter shortly after being released, a source close to the reality star has finally spoken up.

Earlier this week, WE TV released a statement that read: "We share our viewers’ concerns for June Shannon and her entire family. We are monitoring events as they occur and are focused, as always, on the entire family’s well-being."

At the beginning of the latest episode of 'From Not to Hot,' Lauren 'Pumpkin' Shannon appeared in a video message to fans.

"Hey guys, as you know, you’ve seen the stuff out in the media and our family is going through a rough patch. But this year alone we have had a lot of happiness. And when my mom and Alana were out in California and everything seemed good. Then the next couple months rolled around and things took a turn," June's daughter stated.

She went on to say: "We’re sharing our story in hopes that it helps another family and I sincerely want to thank our fans for always being there and loving and supporting us."

This comes after the 39-year-old live-tweeted during the premiere of last week's episode without acknowledging her recent legal trouble. She also praised Doak while doing so.

Although the arrest stemmed from originally being a domestic violence call, Mama June was spotted out gambling with the handyman in a casino after they were released.

The duo seemed to be the perfect couple until the newest season. In the last hour of the program, June was extremely nervous to tell her beau that she thinks she may be pregnant.

After she finally got it off of her cheat, Geno appeared to be so upset about the news that he vomited in the bathroom. What do you think is going on with this couple?

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