Mama June Marks 11 Months Of Sobriety With Inspiring Message!

Mama June Marks 11 Months Of Sobriety With Inspiring Message!
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As it turns out, it's been nearly a year since Mama June last consumed any drugs and she is now celebrating! The reality TV star took to her social media platform to open up about being sober for no less than 11 months!

The celeb acknowledged that she's come a long way since and is now able to also flash a perfect smile after fixing her teeth, which had also been damaged by the drug abuse.

Mama June wrote a lengthy message to her fans - it reads: 'Hey guys, I hope that the Christmas season was good to you all even during this crazy pandemic time.'

She went on to update her followers on her health and progress staying sober: 'Today we are celebrating 11 months clean and sober, and it feels really good, but I wanted to share a couple of pics with y’all. The first picture in the white shirt was when I started my addiction. The second with me looking rough as hell, was me after being on cocaine for a few years. [And] the last with me in the red shirt is me today, and I am proud of How far I've [come] in my sobriety.'

The celeb raved that 'I cannot believe it has been 11 months. Time truly flies by. I am so proud of myself, especially when many people that we know during the pandemic have relapsed, and we have NO RELAPSES. THAT IS NOT AN OPTION. It feels good to give back to people and help them in their addiction, struggles, and helping families dealing with their family members' addiction.'

Shannon admitted that she does not have all the answers but promised that she will at least listen to people and try to help the best way she can.

In fact, she mentioned that she's already done that for some, sharing that she watched people struggling when they first reached out to her.

But, of course, a few months of recovery, and she was able to witness their lives transforming, just like hers has as well!

Naturally, Shannon admitted that her fans have helped her a lot which is why she made sure to thank them and make it clear that they can always contact her when in need.

Basically, Mama June really wants to give back after making such an amazing recovery!

In fact, she only needs a full year of sobriety before she is allowed to work in a rehab center, something she really wants to do. Only one more month to go!

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