Mackenzie McKee Threatens Suicide On Social Media Causing Teen Mom Fans To Worry!

Mackenzie McKee Threatens Suicide On Social Media Causing Teen Mom Fans To Worry!
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The Teen Mom star caused her fans to freak out after threatening to kill herself in a tweet last night! Mackenzie McKee’s worrisome post was a result of people slamming her parenting skills, The Blast reports.

Users simply flooded her comment section with negative words regarding her kids’ behavior just minutes before McKee tweeted the suicide threat.

As for what caused so many people to criticize and mother-shame her, it looks like it was a pretty emotional post on her Facebook page.

‘Pet land: if that poor ferret died because broncs and Gannon were pulling at it from each end fighting over it. Sorry, however, they really aren't worth the $200 though,’ she wrote.

As you can imagine, people were enraged that not only would she allow the young ones to abuse an animal like that but also be so dismissive of it, like it was nothing.

The MTV star was seemingly overwhelmed by the hate coming her way, and so, she took to her Twitter to tell her followers: ‘I'm sorry. I cannot handle it anymore. Today was my breaking point. I have done my best. And with everybody telling me I should kill myself, maybe you are right.’

And since, in the meantime, she also deleted her account, people got even more worried about the 24-year-old reality TV star’s safety.

But, it looks like there is no reason to worry! Mackenzie told Radar Online that she's Okay now.

‘It is blowing my mind people are doing that. It was not even one second, my son tried to grab it, I then ran across, took it away and gently put it back in the basket. And now I am getting told to kill myself, I am getting told I should not be a mom,’ she complained.


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