Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Spotted Hanging Out Prompting Rumors Of Her Split With Husband Brian Austin Green

Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Spotted Hanging Out Prompting Rumors Of Her Split With Husband Brian Austin Green
Credit: Source: The Source and Celeb Mafia

According to multiple reports, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were spotted out in California this week grabbing something to eat, sparking rumors that Megan Fox's marriage to Brian Austin Green is officially over.

This Friday, Hot New Hip Hop reported, MGK and Fox were seen driving in Los Angeles before they got their hands on some coffee as well as some take-out food. Sources who spoke with TMZ claim they saw MGK and Megan ride back to her house in Calabasas.

While they could just be friends, sources state that it's a bit suspicious considering she's currently married to Brian Austin Green. On the other hand, TMZ noted that Brian and Megan's marriage has been on shaky ground over the last few years.

For instance, earlier this year, both parties were seen out in public without their wedding bands. Moreover, other reports have suggested they're currently not living together either. Fans of the couple know that they've struggled in the past.

A few years back, Megan actually filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green but quickly rescinded the paperwork. They eventually got back together and appeared to be making it work, at least until now that is.

Photographs show Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly driving in a car while trying to look somewhat inconspicuous. Like it was already mentioned, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox's marriage has been on the rocks before.

Previously, Shia LaBeouf claimed that he and Megan Fox hooked up on the set of Transformers , although, Megan later claimed this wasn't the case. Later, Megan did insinuate that they really did fool around, although, it caused a lot of controversies because she was with Brian at the time.

Earlier this year, Charisse Van Horn reported that Megan and Brian were living in separate homes amid the coronavirus pandemic , similar to Julianne Hough and her man. Megan and Brian have three kids together at the moment, making the situation between them especially murky and complicated.

Machine Gun Kelly, on the other hand, was last linked to stars like Kate Beckinsale and Demi Lovato.

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