Ludacris Calls On Black People To Step Up And 'Become Leaders'

Ludacris Calls On Black People To Step Up And 'Become Leaders'
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Ludacris is calling on his contemporaries to make a change in the black community. This past month, Ludacris was in the headlines for his clash on Versuz , and he also dropped his brand new track, "Silence of the Lambs," featuring Lil' Wayne.

During a new conversation with Ludacris and the Hip-Hop editor, Carl Lamarre, Ludacris explained some of the best moments from his career and also his new organization, the Kid Nation platform. Regarding the nationwide George Floyd protests, Ludacris said it was time for the "real leaders to step up."

Ludacris said during the chat that people have to step up and "become leaders." "You're either in control or you're getting f*cked," the rapper remarked. The artist says that everyone has their own way of contributing to the cause.

Regarding his new platform, Kid Nation, Ludacris hopes he can educate and enrich the new generation to do what's best for themselves and their communities. Ludacris says that educating the youth in a fun way is a great way to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

According to the rapper, there are a lot of people out there right now who want to change their minds about the current state of racial injustices in the United States of America, whereas others have their minds already made up.

For that reason, Ludacris says his organization will work on inspiring the youth to become leaders in the future. Their beliefs aren't as firmly ingrained as much older people. As it was noted above, Ludacris was in the news recently again for an Instagram Live session with his contemporary, Nelly.

The rapper inadvertently sparked somewhat of a controversy in the media headlines when he called attention to the crimes of R. Kelly, who was accused of abusing young girls. R. Kelly is currently sitting in jail while he awaits trial.

Ludacris said in his new song that he wouldn't allow his daughters to hang around the formerly legendary performer . The rapper stood behind it when pressed. R. Kelly has been accused of constructing a web of associates involved in the human trafficking of minors and young women.

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