Travis Scott Leaves Likes On Iggy Azalea’s Hot Posts While Still Seemingly On A Break With Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Leaves Likes On Iggy Azalea’s Hot Posts While Still Seemingly On A Break With Kylie Jenner
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The female rapper took to her platform to show off her curves as always and it looks like she got some attention from none other than fellow rapper, Travis Scott! That being said, fans definitely noticed that he left some likes on several of Iggy Azalea’s photos and now they think he may have a thing for her.

This also comes amid speculations that he and his baby mama, Kylie Jenner could be getting back together after they previously went on a break.

Iggy, just like many others, is getting really bored in quarantine, which is why she’s been passing the time by getting dressed up, even though there is nowhere to go, and taking hot pictures for the ‘gram!

After all, the Australian rapper is well known for her tiny waist and curvy body so she’s definitely very confident with what she has to show.

Judging by the photos she’s posted, it really looks like nothing about her incredible looks has changed in the quarantine.

In fact, it seems like she may have used all the free time to work out more because one of the snaps showed off her abs and they looked more defined than ever!

Aside from Travis, French Montana was also amongst the half million fans of that photo so it’s safe to say that Iggy has a lot of admirers.

Then, two days later, she returned to the platform to share another couple of pics, this time of her in a more glam look and yet again, Travis liked this post as well!

In the caption, the rapper wrote: ‘For the record, I didn’t actually go anywhere. Just a lil harmless quarantine dress up situation,’ just to make sure people understood she was not breaking quarantine.

Meanwhile, there are insider reports that, while in isolation together with their daughter, Stormi, Kylie and Travis have been growing closer.

Whether that will lead to them getting back together or not, that remains to be seen!


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