Ludacris Wants To Help Children - He's Creating 'Clean' Rap To Teach Kids How To Become Better Adults

Ludacris Wants To Help Children - He's Creating 'Clean' Rap To Teach Kids How To Become Better Adults
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Ludacris is using his influence for the better. The rapper recently explained how he has been using his new initiative, KidNation, to help foster positive role models for children through the creation of child-friendly music videos.

The idea behind the music videos is to educate the next generation of adults when they're still young. The organization's official statement claims its goal is to create a "fun, safe, and educational media platform" for children.

During a conversation with The Huffington Post, Ludacris explained how he wanted to empower the next generation of kids, including through teaching them how to create a world that's even better than the one we're currently living in.

Obviously, this comes at a particularly turbulent time, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting much of the world. More importantly, many children are at home now being home-schooled by their parents, and the rapper says he wants to do his part.

You can check out one of these videos below:

These days, the Fast and Furious star has three children from the ages 5 to 18. He says he used his own children to test out the messages and the music videos. Moreover, he claims he wanted to make sure the songs were good enough for all the other kids out there.

According to Ludacris , they created a song about doing chores and also receiving a reward afterward. The rapper says after showing his young daughter a video one time, she immediately pulled up a stool and started doing the dishes.

Ludacris asked her what she was doing, and she said she had a birthday coming up, and she wanted to make sure she got a nice reward. "That's a perfect example of music and influence turning to action," the rapper remarked.

Ludacris has been a lot more active in the media ever since he announced a new single. The track was in the headlines for its reference to R. Kelly , who is currently awaiting trial on s*x trafficking and abuse charges. Ludacris claimed he liked Kelly's music, but he wouldn't want him around his daughters.

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