Lori Harvey Gets Cozy In Videos With Boyfriend Future At New Year's Party After Taking A Break From The Rapper For This Reason

Lori Harvey Gets Cozy In Videos With Boyfriend Future At New Year's Party After Taking A Break From The Rapper For This Reason
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Lori Harvey spent New Year's Eve with her boyfriend and rapper, Future, in Las Vegas. A few videos have surfaced, showing the couple having a great time and seemed quite cozy on the dance floor.

Social media lit up with comments. One person said: "People should stop talking ill of her. Guys do it all the time. She’s grown."

Another commenter wrote: "I tend to mind my own uterus, but I hope she's on birth control😫. She’s pretty....... she can get anybody she wants. Poor meek had her on us wish list wonder how he feels...?"

This follower claimed: "She sure does get around...........and the fact that she really doesn’t need to is what makes it even more confusing 😩🤔. I just don't get why out of all people she chooses Future. Steve Harvey bet not give any woman advice this year."

It appears that Lori took a break from her relationship with Future, as the model spent Christmas with her family, and her boyfriend was not present to the festivities.

Apparently, the 22-year-old decided it was more important to enjoy the holiday with her stepdad, Steve Harvey, and her mother, Marjorie Harvey, as well as her siblings and other members of her big family.

In a new photo that was shared by Marjorie on Instagram recently, the whole family was gathered for a group photo in front of a massive Christmas tree.

However, Harvey's followers were quick to notice that Lori's boyfriend was not in the picture.

Meanwhile, Lori took to Instagram to show off some of the presents she got for Christmas, among which were a luxurious Rolex watch and a new diamond necklace, but she did not say who gave her the expensive watch.

Some fans speculated that the present was from Future, mainly because he was known for giving his girlfriends expensive watches.

The model also posted a video, which showed her presenting her mother with her Christmas gift -- a handbag from Chanel.

And while Lori is spending time with her family, Future has been battling two paternity lawsuits, as two women accused him of being the father of their newborn babies.

The rapper is currently father to 6 children from 5 different women, and if proven in court, the number of his kids would rise to 8.

Some think Lori might join that club someday.

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Posted on Sep 9, 2021 10:36 PM PDT