Loni Love On Receiving End Of Twitter Backlash After She Claims 'Black Men Cheat'

Loni Love On Receiving End Of Twitter Backlash After She Claims 'Black Men Cheat'
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Fans of The Real will remember when Loni Love claimed that black men had a problem with fidelity and loyalty to their women in relationships. The star claimed that black men didn't know "how to have true, faithful relationships."

For that reason, Loni was the target of social media backlash. Elaborating on her thoughts, Loni stated that once black men have a bit of money and power, they think they can treat women in any way they want. Arguing against her point, some social media users suggested this was a problem with nearly every type of person on earth.

You can check out the source of the controversy in the YouTube video below:

Reportedly, the subject of the conversation at the time was Kevin Hart's cheating scandal in which he was busted cheating on Eniko Hart when she was pregnant. In response to Love's assertion, Jeannie Mai claimed cheating existed in all cultures.

In her rebuttal, Love brought up slavery and argued that because black people in the USA were separated from their families, they're still unable to build loyal relationships. As most know, Love is dating a white man, a fact some people have reportedly taken issue with online.

In response to some of the social media users out there, Love claimed there were many people out there who were "mad" when another person wanted to build solid relationships where women are served and respected.

You can see the original tweet below:

Love isn't always the most popular character. Last year in November, Porsha Williams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta took to her social media to slam Love, whom she thought was trashing her relationships on The Real.

On the day-time talk show, Love joked that Porsha was "trying to get that reality show," in the context of Williams' romance with Dennis McKinley, which has been fraught with problems at times. Porsha took to her social media to say, "B****, F you!"

In response to some of the social media users who filled up her comment section, Porsha explained that no woman on earth had a perfect man, even Love, who's currently in a relationship with James Welsh.

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  • Ram
    Ram Feb 3, 2020 11:40 PM PST

    Also Adrienne nakedness and teaching kids sexuaLITY in such a public setting is not CULTURE! There's something called morals! There r other ways of getting attention apart from using u body/sexuality!

  • Barbeet T
    Barbeet T Jan 13, 2020 12:20 PM PST

    Loni Hateful Is a woman scorned, she just wants a weak man period...doesnt matter the race Also since I have been alive not one type of race has faithful men ...its the individual how dare you just put infidelity on only black men...

    • Ram
      Ram Feb 3, 2020 11:35 PM PST

      Loni is right! Black men just have a bunch of kids with diff women and drop them by dcwayside for others to take care of and pay for!

  • Wth
    Wth Jan 13, 2020 9:52 AM PST

    Somebody please go get Tamar back, it's Loni's turn to be on time out because she is trip'n

  • Doreen Montiel
    Doreen Montiel Jan 13, 2020 8:21 AM PST

    Stop bringing up slavery,all culture has had it bad in life ,this

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