Loni Love Claims She's Been The Subject Of Massive Backlash For Dating A White Man

Loni Love Claims She's Been The Subject Of Massive Backlash For Dating A White Man
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According to a report from BET.com, Loni Love has come under fire from some people in the black community regarding her relationship with a white man. The comedian is now settled down with James Welsh, and Love claims she has been the victim of borderline-racist vitriol.

The stand-up comedian is now coming out to address some of the haters, and also at the same time point out the double standards that exist in the black community. Reportedly, James Welsh and Loni Love have been dating since 2018.

The star has said repeatedly that many people have actually taken issue with their romance, moreover, the public's perception of it wasn't quite what she expected.

On her social media account, the stand-up comic pointed out the way in which black men date other women of different races and no one questions it, but when a black woman does the same thing, it's the end of the world.

Speaking before her audience on The Real back in March, the star said she and James had actually met through a dating application. The star said it was set up like a "sports bracket." According to Loni, it was like a championship match, and one of the final contenders didn't step up to the plate, so James did.

Obviously, Loni Love is referring to the way in which that it's not uncommon at all for black men to date outside their race, but when a black woman does it, she's subjected to criticism; as if she's selling out her race.

According to a Fox 5 report from a day ago, Loni Love was in Washington DC to host the Salute Her TM awards put on by Toyota Motor North America. The star was on the Good Day DC crew to discuss her memoir, including her Emmy Award-winning series, The Real.

It was the first time that James Welsh appeared on live television with his GF. Another black woman who has been open about her interracial romance is Michelle Williams, the former Destiny's Child member, who was previously engaged to Chad Johnson.

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  • diane Rehrer-Salisbury
    diane Rehrer-Salisbury Aug 25, 2019 8:35 PM PDT

    Loni, tell them to leave you alone. It is the man or woman you fall in love with not the color. Hold your head high!

  • Krystal
    Krystal Aug 25, 2019 2:30 PM PDT

    No, I think she is getting backlash for dating down (socially, economically, and physically) with a white man. She could have lowered her standards for a black dude. But that is not new black folks been doing that since we were brought to this country. To me he just hit the jackpot with Loni because she is beautiful, funny, talented, and have a lot of money. What is he bringing to the table? I am for the swirl but they either have to have as much as I do or more, either as physically attractive as I am or more so, as talented as i am with a good personality. If not than whats the point. And dont say love because you choose who you fall in love with. But loni if you are reading this, if you like it than I love it. It is your life and your legacy, just remember to consult a lawyer and get a solid prenuptial agreement if you decide he is the one. Question when have a white person ever drop their standard for a black person?

  • Cadence
    Cadence Aug 25, 2019 10:21 AM PDT

    If they love eachother and race is not a factor, there’s nothing wrong with it.. stop hating

  • Donna R DRUMMOND
    Donna R DRUMMOND Aug 25, 2019 9:47 AM PDT

    Loni ,congratulations.too bad that's how they feel.i love you and james.love doesnt see color ,race or boundries.fithermore you dont need their approval on who to marry or love .my darling.live your life.stay smilinand leave those who are whatching you going somewhere,while they're they sit going nowhere.love my loni and james.marry him again ❤👍🙏😘😀😀

  • Brenda
    Brenda Aug 25, 2019 9:02 AM PDT

    Of course if a white person had said that there would be backlash and boycotting. Isn't that what over sensitive, sad, jealous people with their hateful selves do now a days. If you don't believe the same way I do then I am going to try to cut you down. It doesn't make sense that people hate. Sell out their own communities? Please! Two people in love is supposed to be joyful. Not, well they aren't the same color so let's say hateful things about them. If you have a problem with love then it is your problem, nobody is a sell out because your jealous of their happiness. Stop and figure out what your problem is. Why would care unless you are jealous of their love. Color, religion, height, weight, hair color, nationality, "beauty," etc. None of that matters. What is in your heart is what matters. Love and kindness to everyone, no matter your differences, this is what we claim we want for this world? So stop the craziness and start learning to be kind to everyone. Work on yourself if you have such hateful jealous thoughts, please. This world needs love, don't you understand that? Love for each other and joy for each other's success. Pray about it and you will get the help you need. Yes pray! Stop being offended by everything different than you.

    CINDY KINDIG Aug 24, 2019 4:34 PM PDT

    So happy for Loni & James!!!! They make an adorable couple!!! Can't believe in 2019 that biracial couples are still getting backlash!!! May God Bless Them Both!!!

  • Tina Hill
    Tina Hill Aug 24, 2019 5:26 AM PDT

    I'm super happy for you Mrs Loni, congratulations to you both. As long as your happy, that's all that matters. Its a beautiful thing when a man finds a wife! Come on with them babies now!😜🤗god bless your union.😍🙏

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