Lizzo Puts Her Beach Body On Full Display In New Swimsuit Photos

Lizzo Puts Her Beach Body On Full Display In New Swimsuit Photos
Credit: Source: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo Beating is putting her beach body on full display in new swimsuit photos that are going viral. Wearing a "Thick by Robin" bikini called the "Pankini", Lizzo shared the summer-ready photos on her Instagram account where she has 8.7 million followers. Lizzo is the queen of body positivity and there is no shame when it comes to her survey. Keeping things Covid-19 appropriate, Lizzo paired the pink, turquoise, and emerald-green tropical print suit with a matching set of gloves and a face mask. She wore complementary makeup in the picture and kept it beach-ready. Light pinks with shimmering gold highlights accentuated Lizzo's dark eyes that were framed under a heavy-fringe of long lashes.

Lizzo wore her hair in braids that flowed past her back in loose waves. Fans loved the beach look and several of the photos and a video have over one million likes.

In two beautiful photos that she shared, Lizzo was seen in the pool and surrounded by the aquamarine-colored water. Lizzo was unapologetic about eating her healthy carbs and shared the following caption.

"Bad bitch... eats her rice AND her cabbage."

You may see the photos that Lizzo Beating shared of herself wearing the Thick by Robin "Pankini" set below.

No matter how positive Lizzo is, there is always someone who wants to tell her that being plus size means she is unhealthy. For the record, not every plus-size person has heart disease, hypertension, or is a walking time bomb. Likewise, not every person who is of "average weight" is free from disease and can be unhealthy. It is unfair and cruel to continually harass other people about their weight or shape, just because someone perceives them as "unhealthy."

Lizzo didn't pay any attention to the trolls who didn't like her posting her video and instead twerked in the pool.

Lizzo shared several more photos and captioned them with the following.

"Welcome to summer 2020."

What do you think about Lizzo's body-positive attitude? Do you think people should stop trolling Lizzo and stop making negative comments about her weight?

What do you think about the Thick by Robin Pankini?

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