Chrissy Teigen Troll Disses Her For Having 'Balding Hair' In Runway Pic - Check Out Her Reaction!

Chrissy Teigen Troll Disses Her For Having 'Balding Hair' In Runway Pic - Check Out Her Reaction!
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Hiding behind their computer screens, people can be really mean and even cruel online, saying things they would most likely never tell someone in real life. Chrissy Teigen is one of the many stars who experience a lot of criticism on social media and this time around, someone dissed her over supposedly ‘balding!’

It all started with the model sharing a pic of herself with beautiful, flowing hair.

However, that's not only what one troll focused on. Instead, they commented about another image that Chrissy had posted, in which they claimed that she had balding hair while on the runway.

Chrissy is a very outspoken celebrity and she often responds to criticism and accusations coming her way on her platform and this time was no different.

Perhaps this is also why many feel like they can take shots at her since they hope they’ll get her attention and therefore a reply from the model.

The picture that sparked that mean comment was of Chrissy in just white underwear and matching knee-high boots, her long flowing hair adding to the charm of the topless, censored photo.

The troll thought they should let her know that they very much preferred this pic in comparison to a previously posted one in which she looked like she was balding on the runway!

‘Awe your hair grew in! I very much did not enjoy your photo from yesterday with balding hair on runway. Much better! Congratulations and thank you,’ the comment reads.

Another follower was quick to express shock over that comment and wondered whether or not Chrissy maybe knew the person and if it was just an inside joke or something.

‘Of course I don’t [know them]. People just f*ckin’ suck lol,’ Chrissy responded.

At this point, Chrissy is very used to trolls so she can at least laugh over the outrageous things they comment on her platforms!

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  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson May 30, 2020 6:53 PM PDT

    I believe that troll was jealous of Chrissy. Neither here nor there, people do suck there is no 2 ways around it. I get it, when you are a celebrity, you out there and open to public opinion....but dang!!! People just go to far with it!!! Who cares if her hair is thin?? Lots of people deal with that problem and it is a very petty thing to point out to someone!!! Thank you, she actually said Thank you??? I cant believe she had any manners what so ever after her extremely mean comment. There was no reason for it other than to be mean.....Jealous much?????? #handled

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