Lisa Vanderpump - Inside Her Decision To Close Down 'Villa Blanca' For Good Amid The Pandemic!

Lisa Vanderpump - Inside Her Decision To Close Down 'Villa Blanca' For Good Amid The Pandemic!
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As you might have heard, Lisa Vanderpump has decided to close one of her businesses, Villa Blanca. Obviously, it must have been a very difficult choice to make but now, one insider report claims to know more about how she feels since it's her first LA business.

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have affected Lisa Vanderpump ’s businesses as well, just like it’s happened to so many other places that had to be closed down temporarily or for good because of the virus.

The confirmation that Lisa Vanderpump has indeed closed down Villa Blanca comes after weeks of speculations.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that it was not an easy decision in the slightest.

‘Lisa and Ken loved Villa Blanca and they were quite attached to it so it was very hard to close for them and it was not an easy decision to make. It was her baby and she frequented there almost daily,’ the insider dished.

Previously, they were signs put up at the restaurant, that it would be closed temporarily, stressing how important that was in order to try and flatten the curve of the infections.

However, last week, Lisa Vanderpump revealed that the place she had run with her husband Ken Todd for no less than 12 years, would be closed for good.

‘They held onto it so long because they didn’t want to see it close. The restaurant has not been doing well for a while now and their other establishments were doing much better. It’s always been more of a lunch and happy hour spot and never really was packed. The rent for that corner in Beverly Hills is insanely expensive, too,’ the same source explained.

It really sounds like it was a hard decision to make but at least the star couple also owns TomTom, Sur and Pump and if all goes as planned, Lisa should be able to reopen later this summer.

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