Lindsay Lohan About To Release New Album - Says The Songs Are A Reflection Of Her Past Life

Lindsay Lohan About To Release New Album - Says The Songs Are A Reflection Of Her Past Life
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There's no question Lindsay Lohan has been doing everything in her power to keep busy these days. After her fall from the graces of Hollywood amid her multiple arrests and court visits, Lohan has appeared in a few box office bombs and reality TV series.

These days, she has been busy working on a brand new album, a record from which she recently released a song called "Back To Me." During a conversation with Page Six, Lohan explained where her inspiration to make the new batch of songs came from.

According to Lindsay, many of the songs' lyrics come from personal experiences and reflections on her past life. Lohan, 33, shared that several of the record's songs reflect the memories she had while living in California, a time when she was in her early 20s and was on top of the world.

Lohan added that her goal with the new record was to be "uplifting and fun." More importantly, Lohan wanted the record to be filled with happy songs that everyone can dance to. The Mean Girls alum explained that music was a way of connecting with her fans in a different way, and she loves music and dancing.

In other words, it all came together at the right time, the fallen star remarked. Earlier this year, she was in the process of filming music videos for some of the songs, but production was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather than working on her new tracks, Lohan has been using the time to work on her French; reading, journaling, watching movies, in addition to her personal health and well-being. She has also been zooming with her family.

According to Lindsay, the coronavirus pandemic is God telling the entire world to worry about each other more and come together hand-in-hand. Such a message comes at a pertinent time in the United States, especially considering the political polarization.

As it was previously reported, Lindsay signed with Casablanca Records earlier this year. Page Six was the first to reveal the news.

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