Amy Schumer Changes Her Son's Name Because It Sounded Too Much Like 'Genital'

Amy Schumer Changes Her Son's Name Because It Sounded Too Much Like 'Genital'
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Amy Schumer had to make a name change. According to a new report from Page Six, Amy Schumer, the stand-up comedian and relative of Chuck Schumer, was forced to change her son's name due to the fact it sounded too much like the word, "genital."

As fans of the comic know, she and her man, Chris Fischer, gave birth to their child last year on the 5th of May. Amy gave their baby, Gene, the middle name, Attel, in honor of the legendary comedian, Dave Attel. During an episode of her podcast, 3 Girls, 1 Keith, Schumer explained to her co-hosts that she and Chris accidentally named their son, "genital."

When putting the three names together, "Gene Attell Fischer," Amy explained, it's clear the first two names combined sound just like the word she mentioned. Claudia O'Doherty, her podcast guest, joked with Amy that she and her mother recognized the baby's funny name.

After speaking with Dave about the possibility of a name change, she and Chris finally decided on the name, "Gordon." Her friend and her father's name was Gordon. As for why she named her son "Gene," some people believe it may have something to do with Gene Wilder, also a comedian.

Fans of the legendary comic know that Gene died in 2016, and when Amy found out about it through Chris Rock's Instagram, she took to her account to write, "Big death. Heavy moment."

While Amy may seem uncertain in her choice of names, she has still retained her sense of humor during these challenging times. Earlier this year, Amy took to her IG account to joke about her faltering habits as the world struggled with coronavirus.

The stand-up comic joked that she was going to skip going to the gym for now because it was canceled anyway. She went on to add that she wouldn't have to see her mother anymore either because that would have to be canceled too.

Ironically, fast-forward to a month later and many countries around the world legislated formal bans on gatherings, even among family members.

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