Erin Foster Attacked Online For Being Relieved Over Having Wedding Before COVID-19 Pandemic

Erin Foster Attacked Online For Being Relieved Over Having Wedding Before COVID-19 Pandemic
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As everyone on the planet knows, nearly the entire world has been on lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. As a consequence of the illness, many productions, festivals, concerts, programs, TV series, and movie productions have been shut down or postponed to later in the year.

Furthermore, many celebrities and regular people have had to postpone and reschedule wedding ceremonies due to the fear of the coronavirus. This hasn't applied to everyone, however, including Erin Foster, who came out to express gratitude for being one of the lucky ones to have a wedding before the pandemic began.

Unfortunately for her, many people on social media weren't happy about it at all. Foster took to her account to say, "not to brag," but she and her man had their wedding earlier this year. The star posted a picture in which she and her husband were in Nashville on New Year's Eve.

Many social media users pointed out that now was not the time to be boasting about one's fortune. One user, in particular, described her comment as "completely idiotic," considering so many people have lost a lot.

Erin, whose father is David Foster, an acclaimed producer, wrote that her post had nothing to do with losing. David's daughter never deleted the post and claims she will continue to stand by it. One of Erin's family members came to her defense.

Sara Foster, Erin's sister, came out to say that there were celebrities and Instagram models posting bikini shots every day, whereas all Erin did was make a joke about her wedding.

Stassi Schroeder, however, one of the celebs whose wedding was postponed on account of the virus, clearly wasn't offended by the joke.

She wrote, "Preach!" Katy Perry, another star who had to cancel her wedding for the time being, claimed Erin's post seemed "pointed." Regardless, this wouldn't be the first time a celebrity was slammed for being "tone-deaf" during a difficult time.

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