Lil Wayne Praises Jay-Z For Going The Extra Mile For Him And Confesses He Is The Last One To Hear This About Kanye West In Viral Video

Lil Wayne Praises Jay-Z For Going The Extra Mile For Him And Confesses He Is The Last One To Hear This About Kanye West In Viral Video
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A new interview with Lil Wayne proved again how little the rapper knows of what is happening right now in the rap world, as he appeared on an episode of Drink Champs podcast.

Some years ago, the 37-year-old "Lollipop" performer demonstrated his lack of knowledge about his colleagues, when in 2016, he admitted that he had not heard of Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage or Kodak Black, and stated that he just did his own thing when creating music.

Recently, Wayne had a guest appearance on The Drink Champs , so he faced N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN to talk about his new album, Funeral , which was released at the end of January.

At one point during the interview, the rapper was asked if he knew about that Kanye West had decided to organize Sunday Services, during which he could perform religious versions of his songs, while accompanied by his own Sunday Service choir.

West has made headlines with his events, which have been taking place for more than a year now, and numerous famous people have shown to the services over time.

However, Wayne was not aware of what his colleague has been doing, and he looked really surprised to hear about the Sunday Services, as his reaction was, "I don't know that. What?"

Moments later, after hearing a couple of additional explanations about West's church events, it appears that the rapper had realized the meaning of what he had heard because his shoulder sunk, and he started to stare in wonder.

Lil Wayne is fully aware of what Jay-Z is up to. The rapper praised Beyonce's husband for being a lifesaver.

He said: "He wanted to sign Young Money while I was going through a whole bunch of things, I can't let another single word go without saying how genuine and how much of a man that guy is. That's a real man right there."

He added: "First of all, it was a privilege, more than a privilege . . . What he was doing was he was just trying to help in any form or fashion. So he was [like] 'If I gotta sign your mom, man, whatever I gotta do to help you out in your situation that you're going through right now.' He was like, 'I know it's embarrassing. They got shit all public. What I wanna do is make sure you're straight as a man. The rap sh*t, you're gonna always be good with that. Eyes closed, you got that. I just wanna make sure you good, your parents, your family. There was no limit to his numbers when it came to what you need."

Lil Wayne lives in his own bubble.

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