Leslie Jones Shades Donald Trump For Claiming He's The 'Least Racist Person' At Presidential Debate

Leslie Jones Shades Donald Trump For Claiming He's The 'Least Racist Person' At Presidential Debate
Credit: Source: rollingstone.com

Donald Trump , once again, insisted that he is the ‘least racist person’ ever, this time during his and Joe Biden’s final presidential debate and some people have a very hard time believing him. And who can blame them, all things considered?

One of those not convinced by his words was none other than Leslie Jones , who could not help but wonder if the current POTUS was trying to make a joke when stating he’s not racist.

That’s right! The former Saturday Night Live comedian thought Trump’s words were so absurd that he might have decided to start doing stand-up comedy.

Jones was on The View when she shared her opinion on this matter and while recalling the debate, she just couldn’t stop laughing!

As you might know, in spite of still not calling out white supremacist groups that see him as their leader at this point, Trump told moderator Kristen Welker he was ‘the least racist person in this room,’ which obviously also included Welker herself, who is Black!

‘The Black community likes me and I like them. Nobody has done more for the Black community, except for Abraham Lincoln,’ he went on to claim.

About this, Leslie told The View hosts that ‘I laughed so hard — I was like, ‘oh, Trump is doing comedy now! This is great! He’s a stand up comedian!’ Oh my god, this is insane. That’s the best punchline I’ve ever heard.’


She went on to explain that ‘I watched a bit of [the debate] and basically, the man is saying himself. I don’t understand how it’s not obvious that this man cannot run the country. How is it not obvious at this point? And it was so upsetting because he wasn’t answering none of the questions. He was just like, ‘well you know Obama and you know Biden.’ And at this point [he] just looks like an insecure teenager.’


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