'Leaving Neverland': Michael Jackson's Accuser Jimmy Safechuck Says They Were Married In Mock Wedding — See The Ring

'Leaving Neverland': Michael Jackson's Accuser Jimmy Safechuck Says They Were Married In Mock Wedding — See The Ring
Credit: Source: MJ Fans/Youtube

Michael Jackson's accuser Jimmy Safechuck said that he and the King of Pop entered a mock wedding and in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, he took out a wooden box and held the wedding ring up for viewers to see. Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges of sexual abuse and his estate proclaims that Michael Jackson was innocent. Allegations of sexual abuse have plagued Michael Jackson for decades and Leaving Neverland has caused people worldwide to revisit the allegations.

Jimmy Safechuck joined choreographer Wade Robson in the documentary and both shared similar details of manipulation, grooming, friendship, love, and betrayal.  Leaving Neverland is graphic. Both detailed the alleged sexual encounters they say Michael Jackson groomed them into believing was normal in explicit detail.

The account that Jimmy Safechuck entered into a mock wedding with a wedding ring has left viewers shocked while simultaneously angering Michael Jackson's most devout fans.

Protests have taken place across the globe due to the airing of Leaving Neverland and Michael Jackson's estate is suing HBO. The fallout from the film has been swift as Michael Jackson's music is being removed from radio stations across the globe.

You may see Jimmy Safechuck speaking about the marriage ceremony and watch as he holds up the ring that he says Michael Jackson gave him in the video player below. You may also see photos of Michael Jackson and Jimmy Safechuck together that a fan compiled below.

Jimmy Safechuck said the mock wedding took place in Michael Jackson's bedroom and they exchanged vows. He didn't elaborate on what the vows entailed.

He described the wedding ring as a gold band with diamonds.

Jimmy Safechuck has garnered some support across social media networks. Those who watched the Oprah Winfrey HBO special After Neverland flocked to Twitter to share their sympathies with Safechuck.

Both men had previously given sworn statements to authorities saying Michael Jackson never sexually abused them.

Jimmy Safechuck has kept a low profile since the airing of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland and doesn't have an active social media presence. Top Gun actor Anthony Edwards was at the filming of Oprah's After Neverland and told both of Michael Jackson's accusers that they weren't alone and praised them for coming forward with their stories.


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