Leah Messer And Jason Jordan's Pals Reportedly Think They're Over For Good - Here's Why!

Leah Messer And Jason Jordan's Pals Reportedly Think They're Over For Good - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: dailymail.co.uk

According to a new insider report, Leah Messer’s pals would be nothing if not shocked to see the Teen mom star getting back together with Jason Jordan. Apparently, they are convinced the two are over for good!

One source tells HollywoodLife that Leah felt like their romance was unhealthy.

That being said, her inner circle ‘would be shocked if Jason and Leah got back together, but who knows what the future actually holds. Jason was always insecure when with Leah, so much so that he wouldn’t allow her to text Jeremy without being included on the texts, something that bothered Leah tremendously. Leah is taking a break from dating and just focusing on herself and her kids.’

As you may know, speculations even started going around that Leah’s other ex, Jeremy Calvert was back in her life when he showed up on her IG.

But that was no the full extent of it since rumors claimed Leah might have cheated on Jason with Jeremy and that is what led to their split.

In fact, one fan started it, claiming Jason himself had told them that.

The Teen Mom star just had to address it, suggesting that she believes Jason would say things like that and threatening to go on record about some stuff he would not want out.

The insider assured the news outlet that Leah never cheated on Jason from whom she split last month.

Furthermore, she and Jeremy are still pretty good friends and that is something Jason has always known all too well.

Allegedly, Leah thinks it’s ‘laughable’ how that one picture managed to start so much drama about her personal life.

After all, she and Jeremy continue to hang out, like any couple of friends do! That doesn't mean they are back together.


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