Lauren London Shares A Blunt And Powerful Message From Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London Shares A Blunt And Powerful Message From Nipsey Hussle
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It has been about a year since the sad passing of Nipsey Hussle, and the world has not forgotten about the rap legend and activist.

His lady love Lauren London has been actively working to make sure his legacy is alive and strong.

A few days after the anniversary of Nipsey's passing, Lauren dropped a quote that was inspired by the late MC.

The blunt yet powerful message went out to slaggers, time-wasters who are busy trolling on social media instead of bettering themselves, working hard, caring for their families, and their communities.

The post read: "Message to you Twitter bangers: All that dissing the hood and playing internet games ain't doing Nothin for all of you rep. Get some money. Put yo family in positions. Put yo homies in position. And then come back around as evidence that these Yung n*ggas under you can do the same."

One person had the following to say: "This is the different chapter in your life, but just like a book, you can always go back re-read your favorite part of your story, good luck to you, Queen."

Another commenter stated: "Don’t worry, you’ll see him again. He loves you, eternally. This was always the plan. God has risen. Let's continue the legacy, for it is our duty. Peace and Love be with you, always. @laurenlondon"

This backer shared: "So beautiful that you still hold on to him, it really shows how pure your love was."

A fourth social media user explained: "Rip to him, they were truly in love with each other, so tragic and unfortunately he died he did. Let her grieve in piece social media."

Lauren did share an emotional message about her late partner that read: "Time is deceptive
It’s been a year since you transitioned
The pain is as heavy today as it was a year ago
God knows I would give anything to see you again
I didn’t think I was going to survive a second of any of this
Prayers have kept me together
The kids keep me going and
Gods Grace and Mercy have carried me this far
As today makes a year
I stand strong because of you
Because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way
Because I recall every late-night conversation we had about resilience and fear
Because you were my greatest teacher and because you are still with us, in spirit
every breath I take
I honor you
I carry this pain with purpose
I promise I will make you proud
I promise to apply everything you taught me
In life and in death
Ermias Asghedom
There will never be another
Until we are together again...
I love you beyond human understanding ( but you know that already)🏁."

Lauren is keeping her head up no matter what.

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