Angela Simmons Drops Her Clothes And Flaunts Her Natural Figure, Sharing A Message About Body Positivity

Angela Simmons Drops Her Clothes And Flaunts Her Natural Figure, Sharing A Message About Body Positivity
Credit: BET

Angela Simmons just flaunted her natural body for the camera. She wanted to share a message to all of her fans and followers regarding body positivity amidst a world were a lot of ladies look flawless and unnatural thanks to cosmetic surgeries.

'She’s not perfect, her weight fluctuates, she has her days when she’s not sure ... she doesn’t have a 6 pack .... Throughout this all she’s learned to love herself unconditionally... because if she didn’t who would? She is me. And I am her ... My strength is rooted deeper than the surface. I want to encourage you to love your body. Wherever you stand with it. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. You are worth it. You don’t have to be what anyone( society) tells you to be. You can be YOU freely. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman! Built not Bought #BNB #DoWhatMakesYouHappy #WalkingInMyPurpose @purpose_app 🌟' Angela captioned her post.

A follower said: 'See this is what Romeo was talking about...joke, joke lmao I was watching growing up hip hop last night.'

One other commenter posted this: 'Anything not fake is wonderful. The beauty of being a natural woman.'

Someone else seems surprised that Angela is single: 'I see y u have a child dam..!! And u can’t find a good man shit.. u just looking in da wrong place love ❤️ it’s to many good men’s u overlooking for waste ni*gas.. beautiful pic tho love.'

A commenter praised Angela and said: 'Love this !!!!! I’ve always admired your dedication and discipline!!!! #builtnotbought,' while someone else posted this message: 'Why is she always in her underwear tho? I don’t think it’s necessary to send a message.'

A commenter wrote this for the haters: 'Y’all don’t hear her tho. You just used to see plastic blocks put together and labeled ‘beautiful''

One other follower said: 'Everybody not meant to be skinny, everybody not meant to have a 6 pack. Idk where ppl get these standards from. Life is short, don’t spend it hating yourself.'

What do you think about Angela's message and photos?

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