Larsa Pippen Slays As Xena The Warrior Princess At Paris Hilton's Halloween Party

Larsa Pippen Slays As Xena The Warrior Princess At Paris Hilton's Halloween Party
Credit: Source: Larsa Pippen/Instagram

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWK)  star Larsa Pippen attended Paris Hilton's Halloween party on Thursday night and photos of the beauty are going viral. Larsa chose to dress as Xena the Warrior Princess and her outfit was sexy and a bit naughty. The 45-year-old mother of four looked as if she were in her twenties as she wore her blonde hair loose and flowing with the top crown section pulled back in an intricate braid.

She wore a black, bralet top that culminated in a choker around her neck paired with a skimpy skirt that was more reminiscent of a loincloth. The outfit looked like something more along the lines of bondage-style and featured satiny and metallic textures that resembled black leather and there were silver, metallic rings holding the skirt together.

Larsa's toned physique was exposed and on full display showing that Larsa's dedication to health and fitness has truly paid off for her.

Larsa was snapped in a number of different photos from the night and she was seen spending plenty of time with supermodel Shanina Shaik where the two were photographed holding hands. Shanina wore Elena's outfit from the movie The Legend of Zorro where Catherine Zeta Jones played Zorro's wife.  Both women stunned in the female movie and television characters and pictures of both are being shared on social media.

You may see a group photo including Larsa Pippen and Shanina Shaik from Paris Hilton's Halloween party below.

The Daily Mail not only reported on the party and Larsa Pippen's Xena costume, but they included multiple photos from MEGA.  You may see the Daily Mail's report below.

Larsa Pippen has long been a fan-favorite on KUWK  and she tends to make headlines based on her fashion and style. She has over one million Instagram followers and many of her posts that feature Kim Kardashian go viral.

Larsa has shown that she can go viral on her own and her latest photos from Paris' Halloween party prove that. Are you impressed with Larsa's figure? What do you think of Larsa Pippen's sexy Xena the Warrior Princess costume?


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