Larsa Pippen Says Rapper Future Was Very 'Romantic' And Not What She Expected

Larsa Pippen Says Rapper Future Was Very 'Romantic' And Not What She Expected
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Rumors surrounding the short-fling between the rapper Future and Larsa Pippen have been around for years, however, Larsa is finally coming forward to reveal her side of the story. Larsa has said repeatedly in the past that she never cheated on Scottie Pippen with the rapper, even though many people believe that to be the case.

During a conversation with Hollywood Raw , Larsa claimed she wasn't dating Scottie anymore when she and Future first ran into each other. The ex-basketball wife shared that there was a romantic connection between them almost right away.

Back in 2015, Larsa and Scottie chose to call off their marriage. Larsa was living in Miami, Florida, whereas Scottie spent most of his time living in Chicago or in Arkansas. According to Larsa, it was the first time she had done anything for herself because she spent the majority of her time "managing his life." She is the mother of four of his kids.

Larsa said when she and Future first met, it was as if they "needed each other at that moment." She described it as a "respectable relationship," before going on to say that people have made a lot more out of it than what's necessary.

According to Larsa, she and Scottie weren't even living together at the time. As for how and where they met, Future and Larsa met while at a dinner party in Miami, Florida, and she claimed there were sparks between herself and him "right away."

Larsa went on to describe the situation as "interesting" because Future didn't act the way that she thought he would. She claims he was much different from what she expected, especially when taking into consideration his lyrics.


Larsa said it was a "very normal type of situation," before adding that the whole thing was "great." As it was already noted above, Larsa has been accused of cheating on Scottie more than once already in her life. It's a rumor that has proliferated on the internet for years, however, Larsa has always denied it.

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