Lamar Odom's GF Sabrina Parr Says The Odom Family Has Trauma - Lamar's Children Have A Hard Time 'Accepting' New People

Lamar Odom's GF Sabrina Parr Says The Odom Family Has Trauma - Lamar's Children Have A Hard Time 'Accepting' New People
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Sabrina and Lamar's daughter, Destiny, got into a fight, and initially it wasn't a good look for Ms. Parr. However, Sabrina offered her take on what happened between them.

Regardless, there's no doubt that blended families run into problems sometimes.

On the 5th of August, The Neighborhood Talk claimed Sabrina and Destiny got into a fight after Sabrina caught wind of what Destiny had to say about her parenting skills. In response to the drama, Lamar told Sabrina not to act aggressively with Destiny.

Sabrina offered her take, explaining how she had spent time with them, including Destiny, and had Lamar's kids flown out to Los Angeles to hang out with their dad. She even says she "orchestrated" a nice hang out session for Lamar and his kids.

Sabrina went on to say that Lamar's family has trauma they still haven't gotten over yet. And in many ways, what happened in the past is affecting the present. Sabrina claimed it was a challenge for Lamar's daughters to accept anyone when Lamar wasn't always the best dad.

Parr says she also grew up without a father, so she doesn't hold it against Lamar's children. As most know, Sabrina and Lamar have reportedly been doing well in their relationship.

Earlier this year, Sabrina touched on the long list of qualifications and standards Lamar would have to abide by if he wanted to date her. Thus far, the couple has been together for a little over a year, and Sabrina explained some of the things Lamar had to do for her.

Page Six previously reported that Sabrina took to her Instagram account to share a number of pictures from the time they first met. She says she knew Lamar was the right man because he was willing to sacrifice certain things about himself for her.

No other man was willing to do what he did to date her. According to the personal trainer, Lamar agreed to not live in a different state from her, see other women, live in the same house, or need sexual relations immediately. Another one of her qualifications was for Lamar to not be "self-absorbed."

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