Jimmy Butler Forced To Quarantine With No Explanation

Jimmy Butler Forced To Quarantine With No Explanation
Credit: Source: ChicagoTribune.com

A report from Hot New Hip Hop said today that Jimmy Butler wasn't at his basketball practice this morning with the Heat. The outlet says Butler just got finished beating the Denver Nuggets on Saturday, however, now it looks that he won't be with the team for an undisclosed number of days.

Hot New Hip Hop says the news of Butler's absence from the practice just came this morning when he wasn't seen with the Miami Heat on Sunday. During a conversation with reporters, Jae Crowder, the Heat star, insinuated Butler wasn't at practice due to quarantining.

Reportedly, it's not entirely clear whether Butler will be on the team for the match with the Toronto Raptors. Crowder said to reporters from TNS that they were eager to talk to Jimmy again once he gets out of self-isolation.

Crowder also talked about Butler's commitment to the game, saying that once he gets out of quarantine, they'll have another player at their disposal who's dedicated to the team's success. He added it was a "curveball" to hear he would be temporarily away from the court.

"You never know what to expect," Crowder remarked. As most sports fans know by now, many professional sports leagues have begun hosting games once again following the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Earlier this year, the NBA was under the spotlight again for the players' comments on the Black Lives Matter movement which occurred following the death of George Floyd while under police custody.

Shawn Marion, for instance, claimed it wasn't wise for NBA players to boycott the league once it picked up steam again.

Marion stated it was essential for players to not only use their social media platforms to voice their opinions, but also talk about it during interviews while being broadcasted on television.

NBA fans know Marion's comments came shortly after the remarks from Kyrie Irving, who stated players should be more focused on fighting for social justice rather than their careers on the court. Stephen Jackson, as well, argued it wasn't a good time to play sports.

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