La La Anthony Confirms She's Making Moves To Be Legally Separated From Carmelo Anthony

La La Anthony Confirms She's Making Moves To Be Legally Separated From Carmelo Anthony
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La La Anthony has been known by her fans as someone who is keeping it real, and this time, she decided to spill the tea about her relationship with Carmelo Anthony. According to the latest reports coming from The Shade Room, she just had an interview with People in which she shared some pretty interesting details.

It seems that La La confirmed that 'she’s exploring steps to get a legal separation from Carmelo.'

TSR notes that tons of speculation has been surrounding their relationship and if they’re still an item.

According to TSR, 'they have been living apart for some time now and she’s officially filing for a separation.'

TSR also writes that this piece of news comes a few days after a photo of Carmelo and a mystery woman on a yacht appeared on the Internet.

Carmelo hopped online to explain that none of this is true, but according to TSR, the damage had already been done.

Lil Duval commented: 'Seem like the public force people to break up when things get rough 🤷‍♂️'

Another follower said: 'Sis just start over! Ur young, beautiful and smart! Man clown days done!'

‪Someone wrote: 'You don’t miss them. You miss feeling consistent attention, affection & giving your all to one person. Don’t crawl back to what broke you, just because it’s familiar. You deserve reciprocal love. It’s coming. #EbrahimAseem Love yourself & heal first.‬'

Another person believes that 'LaLa tried to work it out.. it didn't work! Shes a Baddie and can do way better! She’s given him over a decade of her time —- Next phase Queen❤️'

A person said, 'God gave this man a 2nd chance with a queen. Smh Biggest mistake of his life.'

Someone believes that 'After living apart for some time now, a side baby, a mistress on a boat and constant humiliation’d think she’d be filing for an n actual DIVORCE 🤦🏽‍♀️ Know your worth ladies.'

What do you think about La La's decision?

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