Kylie Jenner Throws Travis Scott Epic 'Avengers End Game' Birthday Party -- Pictures Show It Was Like Halloween In April

Kylie Jenner Throws Travis Scott Epic 'Avengers End Game' Birthday Party -- Pictures Show It Was Like Halloween In April
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Kylie Jenner could not wait until April 30 to celebrate Travis Scott's birthday which is why she threw him an Avengers End Game party that made everyone want two things -- a lot of money and an epic Halloween costume.

The billionaire went all out with an impressive Iron Man costume for Travis whom she calls her husband.

She also got her man a massive cake and friends and family all came together to watch the movie.

One person said this about the photos: "I wasn't ready for that. Kardashians have more parties than anybody I know. I wonder how it feels to be rich. I wanna trade places with them for like 20 years. 😭😭😭😭"

Another commenter shared: "I used to always think Travis Scott was weird for the longest, but I love some of his songs. I thought it was Halloween Already. I was about to be pissed 🙄When you got money Halloween in April."

A critic stated: "Who made this cake... Kourtney’s cake from like the other day looked better than this 😬They must be lowkey married bc I’m not calling him “husband” without the ring Pooh. She just want people to talk about "husband"....again. "They do anything for clout."

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and said the couple has reconnected and had a blast Coachella.

The insider stated: “Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are more focused on their relationship now more than ever. They’re really trying to focus on bettering the relationship after spending so much time apart. They are really relishing in this time before Travis gets so busy again. Kylie and Travis both love music and it was a great opportunity to see their friends so they decided to go to Coachella for the night.”

And Kylie will be going on tour with Travis during his Astroworld concert series just like she did before with baby Stormi coming along for the ride.

The family friend claimed: “She will join him here and there when he’s back on tour, but Kylie is a homebody and doesn’t want to be out on the road all the time. They both truly love one another and are on a path to get back to a great place. They both really feel they’ve found ‘the one’ and a good thing in each other.”

Kylie is sticking to her man.

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