Kylie Jenner Puts Her Bombshell Curves On Display In Corseted Dress

Kylie Jenner Puts Her Bombshell Curves On Display In Corseted Dress
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram


Kylie Jenner put her bombshell curves on full display in new photos that she shared on her official Instagram account. Kylie has one of the most popular Instagram accounts worldwide and the stunning 23-year-old has 204 million followers. Kylie wore a strapless, corset dress from Charlotte Knowle s and fans are clamoring for more details regarding the look.

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The dress that Kylie Jenner wore is called the Charlotte Knowles Corseted strapless dress. The dress can be worn as a corset over a blouse for a striking look, or solo for a bust-baring display, such as Kylie Jenner chose. It is made from a polyester blend and has a fitted silhouette with a high, side slit. The color is a soft, muted brown and there is contrast stitching on the garment, including the corset area. The dress retails for approximately $1700.

You may see a photo showing the detailed stitching on the corset below.

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Kylie Jenner shared two photos of herself while wearing the dress. She recently showed off her real hair that is the color red and kept the red tone for her hairstyle. She wore long, side-swept bangs and piled her hair atop her head in a beautiful updo. She placed her hands alongside her waist and put her curves on full display.

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You may see the photo of Kylie Jenner in the corseted dress below.

Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram[/caption>

Kylie Jenner wore the corsetted dress without a shirt underneath. You may see a photo of the Charlotte Knowles Corsetted Strapless dress paired with a button-up blouse below.

Source: Charlotte Knowles

Kylie shared a second photo where stood to the side and posed for a profile shot. She showed off her toned legs in the picture and wore Tom Ford's Velvet Disco Platform Sandals 140 MM. The shoes retail for approximately $1250.

The sunglasses Kylie wore are the Christian Dior Gaucho sunglasses in Palladium.

Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

What do you think about Kylie's latest photos? Do you like the Charlotte Knowles dress on her?


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