Lil Wayne Drops A Message About The Grammys That Triggers Backlash

Lil Wayne Drops A Message About The Grammys That Triggers Backlash
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Lil Wayne shared a message on his social media account about the Grammys and fans are dropping all kinds of opinions in the comments section. Check out what he posted below.

A follwoer commented: 'Your support from Trump, and your negative reaction to BLM.. we did not forget and we the people are holding you accountable for it.'

Someone else said: 'to be fair, you haven't done anything Grammy worthy since Carter 3, but thats my opinion. A lot of the artists with noms this year ain't deserving either so, I wouldn't even sweat it. Just make music because you love to make music or don't do it at all.'

A follower said: 'You put a real stain on YM when you stood next to ol’ dude who clearly supports oppressing Black people. You need to work on cleaning that up. Real talk. Press rewind and admit that was a mistake. Until then, you will always be looking back.'

One commenter posted this: 'Fair enough, but it’s my choice to disagree with him making a judgement error enough that he went from my personal greatest rapper alive to not being spoken of at all. My family has been decimated by racism. this is a big moment for POC’s, and we need to stand together to rise.'

A fan wrote: 'Boy you just tryna distract from the fact that you sold all those masters. The Grammy noms came out months ago.'

Someone else posted: 'Oh nowww you feeling some kind of way since you ain’t been invited to the Grammys? Yet you were the same person posed up w trump and talking down on BLM like you ain’t black. 🤔'

Not too long, Lil Wayne just pleaded to a gun charge, in Federal Court.


‘Your honour, I plead guilty,” the 38-year-old rapper told U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams during a virtual hearing in Miami federal court,’ the Miami Herald Reported.

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