KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Loving Single Life - She Feels 'Free' After Divorcing Kanye West!

KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Loving Single Life - She Feels 'Free' After Divorcing Kanye West!
Credit: Source: apnews.com

While she was quite sad and disappointed over her marriage failing at first, new reports claim to know that Kim Kardashians is actually thriving without Kanye West these days! The reality TV star's living her best life and really enjoying having all her freedom back.

As fans are aware, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star filed for divorce in February and it turns out that she has no regrets!

Apparently, Kim has been letting go of control and enjoying the single life.

One source shared via HollywoodLife that 'Kim is over the moon right now. She does love Kanye and she worries about him all the time, but she is realizing she is not his mother and she cannot make him do things to take care of himself. This has been a path for her to have a second to breathe. She is finally free to just enjoy herself and the world's opening up. That is why she is going out and enjoying herself and finally having a good time.'

Of course, at the same time, she wishes she was able to save her marriage.

After all, she tried really hard to make it work with the rapper but eventually, Kim realized there was nothing she could do.

'It’s not like Kim wanted a divorce. She wanted to have a healthy, happy husband, but this is just the next best thing. She gets some freedom. Right now, Kim's coming to terms with the fact that this situation is out of her control. She has been trying to control it for so long, but she has let go of the control. She feels happy which she never thought she would get to be again. It took her a very long time to let go of that control.'


As long as she has her kids by her side, Kim Kardashian is happy no matter what and she's been focusing on them.


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