Michael B. Jordan Talks About Having Babies In The Future Amid His Romance With Lori Harvey

Michael B. Jordan Talks About Having Babies In The Future Amid His Romance With Lori Harvey
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During his appearance on Ellen, Michael B. Jordan talked about his plans to have a child! As you know, this comes amid his romance with Lori Harvey so it sounds like things are going great between them if he has babies on his mind!

The actor revealed that his family has a naming tradition that he will most likely not continue when he becomes a parent.

Of course, he made it very clear that he is not in a hurry to have kids and instead, is really taking his time.

However, when it does happen, he would love for his future young ones to have 'their own identity.'

The hunky actor told Ellen that his dad's name is Michael A. Jordan and since he is Michael B. Jordan, Michael C. Jordan should come next, right?

Well, as far as he is concerned, that tradition is going down with him because the next generation will be more unique in terms of names.

'I am breaking that circle right there. It’s too much. The pressure that I had to live up to my dad’s name and I am not gonna put that on my kid. I’m gonna give him his own identity. He’s gotta walk in his own shoes,' Michael shared.

Speaking of kids, he also gushed over his toddler nephew named Lennox.

According to the star, the one year old 'bought [him] some time' as far as deciding to become a parent is concerned.

'Lennox definitely gave me a break right there.'

As mentioned before, Michael has been dating Lori Harvey since last year, making their romance IG official back in January.

Not too long ago, the actor told People why he decided to make their relationship public.


'I’m still private, and I want to protect that, but it felt like it was a moment of wanting to put it out there and just move on. I'm extremely happy. I think that when you get older, you feel more comfortable about the [public nature of the business that we are in. So, for me, it was a moment to, I guess, take ownership of that and get back to work.'

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