KUWK: Tristan Thompson’s Mother Urging Him To Be A More Present Father To True!

KUWK: Tristan Thompson’s Mother Urging Him To Be A More Present Father To True!
Credit: Source: cosmopolitan.com

According to new reports, after Khloe Kardashian spent Mother’s Day with her daughter, no baby daddy in sight, Tristan Thompson’s mother, Andrea is once again urging him to spend more time with little True. And as you can imagine, many more of his loved ones totally agree as well!

Fans are well aware that the basketball player if a father of two - 2 year old son Prince, with Jordan Craig, as well as 1 year old daughter True, with Khloe Kardashian!

That being said, Tristan’s mother is reportedly worried that he is not in the lives of either of the two as much as he should be.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘His mom sat him down and really let him know just how much his children need their daddy. He has assured Andrea that he would put his best foot forward in making that happen. He took son Prince to Legoland for the park’s twentieth birthday celebration. His son had an amazing time — driving the boats on the Skipper School ride.’

The reason why he took her opinion to heart is that Tristan and his mom are very close.

However, the insider mentioned that Andrea is not the only one in his family and circle of friends that has been pushing Tristan to try and be a better parent.

‘His family, Khloe, as well as his ex Jordan have urged him to also be present in his children’s lives too. It seems like he's listening, which they all appreciate. Tristan's been trying hard to spend time with his children. He is focusing on them more than ever now that the basketball season's come to a close for him,’ they shared with the news outlet.


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