Tiger Woods Addresses Lawsuit Against Him Over Restaurant Employee's Death

Tiger Woods Addresses Lawsuit Against Him Over Restaurant Employee's Death
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A 24 year old employee at Tiger Woods’ flagship restaurant passed away in a terrible accident after being served alcohol at work and now, the famous golfer and his girlfriend Erica Herman are getting sued in a wrongful death case. Nicholas F. Immesberger crashed his car while under the influence back in December of 2018 and his parents decided to hit Woods with a lawsuit.

It was filed just yesterday and it stated that ‘the employees, the management and the owners of The Woods over served a man they knew was suffering from alcoholism. They ignored Immesberger's disease and fueled it by over serving him alcohol to the point of extreme intoxication and sent him out to his car to drive home. As a result of this negligence Immesberger crashed his car and died on December 10, 2018, after leaving The Woods.’

The lawsuit also argued that the restaurant’s general manager, Herman, knew the late young man had a drinking problem and it is believed he had discussed about it with Tiger Woods.

Furthermore, the suit also claims the three of them were drinking together only a couple of nights before the crash that took Immesberger’s life.

During a press conference, Woods addressed the lawsuit against him, saying that ‘We are all very sad that Nick passed away. It was a really terrible night, a terrible ending. And we feel bad for him and his whole family. It is very sad.’

The parents argue in the lawsuit that, as the owner of the restaurant, the golfer is directly responsible over how much alcohol the general managers serve the employees which means he is also responsible for their son's untimely death.

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