KUWK Family Supporting Rob Kardashian While He Works On Getting Healthy Again

KUWK Family Supporting Rob Kardashian While He Works On Getting Healthy Again
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Rob Kardashian has been working on improving his life and health for a while now and he is lucky to have the complete support of his reality TV family. The only Kardashian son took to social media yesterday to post a pic from the gym that he captioned with: ‘Day 1 all good.’

As fans of KUWK know, Rob has been struggling with weight gain for the past few years.

Fortunately, one source tells ET that he’s been receiving unconditional support from his family when it comes to his health journey.

‘For years, the sisters and momager Kris have wanted Rob to find comfort in his body again, but realized quickly that the more they pushed him, the more that he took a step back. The family's allowed Rob time to process his emotions regarding his health and wanting to put the best foot forward for Dream, and they are extremely happy he has decided to just get back into the gym and eat healthier.’

The same insider went on to also say that ‘The sisters and Kris have offered support as well as anything he needs. At the end of the day, everybody wants healthy and happy Rob back.’

As for the main reason why he is so focused on changing his lifestyle for the better, the source mentioned it was all for his daughter, Dream.

In fact, when she was born, he finally realized how important it is to eat healthily and go to the gym.

Rob wants to live a long and happy life with his child so that is why he feels like getting back in shape is what he needs to do.


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