Kristen Wiig Sparks Memes With Valentino Haute Couture Oscar Dress — Compared To A Pan Of Lasagna And Lobster

Kristen Wiig Sparks Memes With Valentino Haute Couture Oscar Dress — Compared To A Pan Of Lasagna And Lobster
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Kristen Wiig has sparked conversation and memes with her 2020 Oscar dress. Presenting with Maya Rudolph, Kristen wore a red Valentino Haute Couture number that is being ridiculed and criticized on social media. Some memes are popping up that replace Kristen's head with that of a lobster and others have said she looked like an Italian meal. The dress featured heavy ruffles on the side which many social media users are saying look exactly like the sides of lasagna. The dress also featured a blunt-cut, train that extended behind Kristen. With the rectangular shape of the dress, some are actually calling Kristen a pan of lasagna. Many are dubbing Kristen the worst dressed at the Oscars and it's definitely not a title that Kristen or Valentino were going for.

Kristen paired the look with black gloves and wore a pair of Christian Louboutin Maia Labella, gold pumps. The color choice is also sparking criticism with many saying the shoes didn't go well with the dress.

On the plus side, most people think that Kristen's hair and makeup were beautiful, but it simply wasn't enough to salvage the look.

You may see the full head-to-toe look Kristen Wiig wore on the Oscars red carpet below.

Though Kristen didn't win much praise for her fashion sense, she and Maya Rudolph did get everyone laughing with their comedic skit when they presented together. Maya and Kristen decided to take advantage of the fact the room was filled with directors and producers so they showed off their acting skills.

You may see a video clip from Kristen's and Maya's Oscar audition below.

Needless to say, Maya's and Kristen's comedic routine isn't sparing her from the meme treatment. Here are some of the memes currently being shared on social media.

In the following meme, Kristen isn't exactly a lobster but some other squid-like sea creature.

The comparison to a lobster is clearly evident in the photo below.

Here is a meme comparing Kristen Wiig's Oscar dress with lasagna.

What do you think about Kristen Wiig's Valentino Oscar dress?

Do you agree with those who think she looks like lasagna or a lobster?

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