Natalie Portman Wore Christian Dior To The Oscars And Honored Female Directors With A Special Fashion Statement

Natalie Portman Wore Christian Dior To The Oscars And Honored Female Directors With A Special Fashion Statement
Credit: Source: Natalie Portman/Oscars/Getty

Natalie Portman reminded the world that when it comes down to it, fashion has, and always will be, a form of protest and personal statement. And in her own, unique and subtle way, Natalie Portman did just that. Opting to wear a sheer, black paneled dress from Christian Dior Spring 2020 Haute Couture, Natalie added a special touch to the accompanying Dior cape in honor of female directors. Feeling that these eight female directors had been overlooked by the Academy (including Greta Gerwig), Natalie had their names delicately embroidered in gold along the edge of her Dior cape. Natalie stated the following when interviewed on the Oscars 2020 red carpet.

"I wanted to recognize the women who were not recognized for their incredible work this year in my subtle way.”

Natalie has always been a strong proponent of women's rights and the move, though not a particularly overt one, was heard around the world and has become a trending story come Monday morning.

You may see a video clip of Natalie Portman stunning on the red carpet where she addresses the issue of the eight female directors' names embroidered on her Dior cape in the video player below.

As for Natalie's Oscar ensemble itself, she is winning high praise for the elegant look. Natalie chose a black bodysuit to pair underneath the sheer, lace fabric and looked stunning. She wore her hair in a straight, blunt-cut bob that reached just to her chin and she paired the gorgeous look with Cartier jewels. The Dior gown features delicate, gold detailing and the addition of the gold lettering smoothly blended with her outfit and jewels.

You may see several full-length photos showing Natalie's head-to-toe red carpet Oscar look below.

Cartier also shared a closeup photo of Natalie Portman wearing Cartier earrings and a yellow diamond ring.

"Embracing fearlessness and refinement, Natalie Portman shines on the #Oscars red carpet in a #CartierHighJewelry ring set with a yellow diamond, diamonds, black lacquer and yellow gold from the #ColoraturadeCartier collection and #ClashdeCartier earrings in pink gold and diamonds. #NataliePortman"

What do you think about Natalie Portman's Oscar fashion? Do you like her Dior outfit?

Do you have any thoughts regarding Natalie Portman's subtle statement regarding female directors?

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