Kristen Stewart Covers Vogue Korea — Wears Same Chanel Sweater As Ashley Graham

Kristen Stewart Covers Vogue Korea — Wears Same Chanel Sweater As Ashley Graham
Credit: Source: Kristen Stewart/Beau Nelson/Instagram

Kristen Stewart exudes high fashion as she covers Vogue Korea for the July 2019 issue and fans are freaking out. Photographer Hyea W. Kang snapped the photos that are highly artistic. Most fans will notice that Kristen displays very light eyebrows throughout the shoot and all of the photos maintain the look. Fans may also notice that Kristen is wearing the same Chanel sweater that Ashely Graham wore in her July 2019, Allure shoot. The sweater is popular and conjures eighties vibes with its bright colors and geometric shapes.

Kristen Stewart is not only a successful actress but has modeled for many companies. Kristen covered the Dec/Jan issues of Madame Figaro magazine and in the same month was featured in Harper's Bazaar Mexico and Latin America. She covered the magazine.

As Kristen's acting career continues to explore new territory, (she will play Sabina Wilson in the new, Elizabeth Banks helmed Charlie's Angels ) her modeling work also continues to thrive.

You may see the photos Hyea W. Kang shared on his official Instagram below.


Adir Abergel styled Kristen's hair for the shoot and shared a copy of the finished Vogue cover on his official Instagram page. You may see that below.


In another photo Adir shared, he wrote a nice caption about how much he enjoyed working with Kristen and spoke a bit about styling Kristen's hair for the shoot.

"I love what I do so much, and working on sets is a huge, exciting part of my passion. The reason I love it is because I get to collaborate very closely with the photographers. In between shots, I get to walk in and move the hair and find the story we are all trying to tell together. The hair is rarely stagnant; I always want it to move and sculpt with it. I’m grateful that I get to do this on the daily with people I love like Kristen and @hyeawonkang and @voguekorea and my @chanelofficial family.
#hairbyadir #kristenstewart #vogue #voguekorea #withvirtue."

You may see the photo Adir shared below.

What do you think of Kristen Stewart's Vogue Korea photo shoot? Are you looking forward to seeing more of her modeling work?

Are you going to see the new reboot of Charlie's Angels when it hits theaters on November 15, 2019?

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  • Kip
    Kip Aug 3, 2019 8:37 PM PDT

    Kristen is really limiting her opportunities by going out of her way not to look as feminine as she once did. The hair is a huge turnoff. Maybe she needs a new hairstylist, and her clothes lack design and seem to be a reflection of how she feels about herself. If she felt good about herself she'd want to dress better. Didn't Coco Chanel say a woman should be classy and fabulous. I doubt she would think Kristen looks classy or fabulous and she's the Chanel ambassador. She should be setting an example.

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