Kodak Black Is Reportedly Facing Ten Years In Prison

Kodak Black Is Reportedly Facing Ten Years In Prison
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Kodak Black did not have the best year so far. His legal issues are nowhere near over, and they seem to be intensifying.

It was reported that  he was arrested not too long ago .

Kodak had a show at the House of Blues in Boston and never showed. Kodak’s team said they have  not been able to locate him for a few days and people freaked out because this happened right after he mocked T.I. and his family and he hit at Nipsey Hussle's love, Lauren London.

He was reportedly arrested on weapons and drugs charges at the U.S. Border.

After that, his tour buses got checked by the police .

Now, The Shade Room is back with more news and there's nothing good in the latest details.

TSR cites The Blast and writes that 'Kodak was indicted by a grand jury for falsifying paperwork to purchase firearms in Florida. Kodak indicated on the firearm applications that he was not facing any other serious criminal charges. He is also a felon, which prohibits him from purchasing a gun in the first place.'

They also reported that the police obtained the applications from a gun store called 'Lou's Police Distributors.'

Now, Kodak is facing ten years in jail for allegedly attempting to purchase firearms in Florida illegally.

As always, people have various opinions on this case.

Someone said 'I don’t rock with him but I don’t want him doing 10 years... I just wish he had guidance ❗️'

Another follower posted 'Maybe the knuckle-head will OFFICIALLY learn his lesson‼️'

A commenter noted that there's the 'Keyword ATTEMPTING ... but did he do it? No .. free that man.'

Someone else said 'What has he done to tall these people in the comments cause y’all acting hateful asf,' while a follower wants him jailed: 'keep him cause he clearly doesn’t care about his fans or his own life tbh 🤷🏾‍♀️💯'

What do you think about his case so far?

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