Kodak Black Goes Missing After Releasing Diss Song Video Insulting T.I. And Making Lewd Comments About Lauren London

Kodak Black Goes Missing After Releasing Diss Song Video Insulting T.I. And Making Lewd Comments About Lauren London
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MC Kodak Black has gone missing after skipping a concert and fans are mocking the young artist for starting a fight with Nipsey Hussle's friends, T.I. and The Game.

A brief recap -- Kodak disrespected Lauren London after the passing of Nipsey prompting T.I. to slam him. T.I.P. and the Florida MC bashed each other several times and released diss tracks insulting each other.

Last night, Kodak had a show at the House of Blues in Boston and never showed. Kodak's team said they have not been able to locate him since Saturday evening.

Boston goers got upset when they learned the show was canceled and shouted, "F*ck Kodak."

One person prayed for Kodak: "Pray for Kodak. I hope it isn’t serious if this is their story. I’ve heard stories of a man who died at the age of 33. He was able to walk amongst Kings but never lost his common touch. He was betrayed by a disgraced member of his own group, a snitch, a Judah Iscariot. He died sacrificing his life for his people. His death was viewed publicly, a “public crucifixion” if you will. His phenotype resembled that of historical Jesus The Consciousness of Christ may not be unique to just one person however it’s imperative that we recognize the spirit of Christ on earth so that we will allow him or her to lead us without resistance God bless you Nipsey. Rest in power."

This social media user bashed him: "Hmm well would you look at that 🤔 what a weird coincidence. TI has him locked up in a basement, forcing him to read a thesaurus... The fans turned on him expeditiously. This man is hugely disrespectful he's disrespected Lil Wayne and his daughter plus Toya, Nipsey now TI and the game. He talked about young MA and yall expect him not to get touched??? Yall dumb and choose sides but when 69 was out here being reckless yall wished the worse smh ppl so damn twisted. Kodak looks like something that you'd find behind a shed at 3 am.
Imagine you disrespect someone and boom you go missing. Crazy."

Another follower opted to laugh at the whole situation: "Nah everything was all fun and games when he was calling tiny “piggy.”They let him drive the boat and apparently he's lost out at sea 😂😂😂He’s high somewhere most likely."

A fan of Kodak claimed: "Tired of y’all bullying & harassing this man. I must be the only one who loves him. 🙄"

Will this feud end soon?

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