Phaedra Parks' Latest Pictures Show How To Do Motherhood Effortlessly -- Former 'RHOA' Star Wants Working Moms To Win

Phaedra Parks' Latest Pictures Show How To Do Motherhood Effortlessly -- Former 'RHOA' Star Wants Working Moms To Win
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It has been two years now since Phaedra Parks was forced to make the much-talked-about exit from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta ( RHOA ) after the Kandi Burrus drama.

These days, the attorney and activist has been busy with various projects, a new love life, and of course, being a mom to her two adorable and smart boys -- Aiden and Dylan.

Most recently, the lawyer took to social media where she posted a sweet picture about working moms. She used the caption to uplift other women.

She stated: "How do #working #moms do it? Sometimes they trade their stilettos in for roller skates. They surround themselves with people who will jump in and skate with them, pick them up when they fall and help them balance and juggle it all with a smile. Today I salute all the #mothers who zoom in and out carpools, batting cages, music lessons, and laundry rooms without missing a beat! @thetonibshow & Crystal y’all are great dates and awesome mothers 😉 #momlife #singlemom. 👠💞🤸🏽‍♀️"

One mom replied: "Your Beautiful Phaedra & the boys are growing up sooo handsome 😀Thanks! I do it on Facebook, encouragement of not being negative and Gravitate the positive. Choose your attitude on how you feel you want to be treated."

Another commenter praised her young kings: "And, it’s executed so effortlessly! 😊 Even on days when we’re beyond tireddddd! Joys of motherhood & God gives us the strength to keep on keeping on! Thank you @phaedraparks, and you’re an awesome mother as well! You are blessed my sister, one love. Pretty smart girl and strong King’s."

This Instagrammer explained: "The boys are growing up nicely, Phaedra!! I don't think at that moment she was literally meaning going skating me meant the moves and things we have to be done in moments of the day and fast and quick doing it every day on repeat and still stay beautiful. Singles mom life is not easy, but we do it effortless even when we r so tired and feel happy and the end of the day when we see we get through the day and accomplishment all that we set out to do for that day or the end of the week. Thanks, Phaedra ur a bomb a$$ mom."

For the fans asking, the reality TV star says she is open to returning to the series in the future.

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